Our studio's core components are a German 48-channel vintage ACE analog console and a Digidesign HD4 Accel system with 24 I/O's. Record through top-notch digital converters and an Antelope word clock into Pro Tools HD10 or Logic. 24 tracks can also be recorded simultaneously to 2" analog tape.

For monitoring, we use a variety of speakers by Genelec, Yamaha and Event. Our microphones are a solid selection of condenser and tube microphones that includes most of the brand names every experienced engineer is accustomed to, such as Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, and more.

There is a whole host of quality instruments and amplifiers by Fender, Marshall and Bogner available. Our extensive sample and software library is a producer's treasure chest and can accommodate any style and arrangement.

The studio's layout can support up to 10 instruments, amplifiers and vocalists simultaneously with complete isolation. When tracking, up to six musicians can dial in individual headphone mixes with their own mobile mixing stations.

Eagle Rock Studios was designed by an experienced producer/musician, who added many convenient features not often found in recording studios. For instance, guitarists can enjoy the luxury of creating an astonishing hybrid tone by recording a single guitar signal through up to 10 different amplifiers simultaneously.

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